5 Creative Companies Who Traffic Jacked Apple’s iPhone 6 & Apple Watch Launch


Wow, today has been a hell of a day!

Apple’s announcement of the Apple Watch, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus… but do you know what else awesome happened today?

We got to see large companies take advantage of an active market that matched their demographic. Did you notice the marketing hacks? Were you oblivious?

Either way, I caught a few for you, so let’s check them out…

Company #1: Nordstrom


Company #2:  Chili’s Grill & Bar


Company #3: Nokia


Company #4: BlackBerry


Company #5: Sprint



Some of these attempts were better than others, but we don’t judge.

Takeaways From This Article:

#1: Be On Your Toes  (All of these companies were)

Apple has done the work, they brought the traffic, planted the seed with a variety of twitter hashtags, and gave these companies an absolutely PRIME spot to reach their relevant demographics.

#2: Traffic Jacking Works

Go look up any of these tweets and you will see people engaging them. People noticed the traffic jacking, which resulted in increase brand awareness and hopefully some new customers for each of these companies.

#3: Apply This In Your Own Marketing

Are your competitors doing any launches? Are they doing sponsored hashtags? Figure out ways to ethically traffic jack and it can page off largely.

Did you see any other companies that I missed? Let me know in the comments! Remember to tweet and share this post with your friends!


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  • Nice examples. Also Denny’s did a nice spoof when the live stream was having issues.

  • Matthew Hall

    Good post, but I’m a little disappointed in the brands. We’ve literally known this event was coming for weeks, and Blackberry could only write a boring, lazy tie-in? Chili’s having that image in the pipe was a decent way to prepare for the Apple Watch launch. Denny’s absolutely killed it and won the day.

    But maybe that’s just my opinion. Do you have RT and favorite metrics for these?

  • Alan Duvall

    The fact that this is even a topic just highlights yet again the power of the Apple Brand. Its pretty difficult to come up with another brands product launch that “traffic jacking” would even be possible/worth it.

    With that said, it’s definitely something content marketers should be making room for in their arsenal….

    Look out for my post coming out this week on the top product launches to high jack other brands traffic.