3 Google Analytics Filters For Data Cleaning

If you’re tired of looking at dirty data within your Google Analytics instance, boy do I have a treat for you. Profile level filters are wonderful for keeping your data clean and shaping each profile exactly as you want it.

Filter #1: Lowercasing Dimension Values

Why I Like It: Google Analytics is literal. This means if you pass in dimension values with various capitalization or spaces that they are seen as two distinct records. What a pain, right?

The lowercase filter solves this problem. Simply apply this to your preferred dimensions and it will force all values to lowercase turning them into the one record.

Example Dimensions: Event category, event action, event label, source, medium, source / medium, campaign, search term, search category. request URI, hostname.

Filter example:


Filter #2: Exclude Internal IP Addresses

Why I Like It: Having internal user data mixed in with customer data can pollute resulting in dirty data. This affects stakeholder confidence and reporting accuracy. When attempting to exclude a user you can either set a custom dimension or utilize IP. If you’re not familiar with how to setup a Google Analytics custom dimension, and know your IP addresses to block this will work for you.

Before you build this filter, verify if you are passing in anonymous IP address data to Google Analytics as that will change how you do this. I am using a regular expression below to filter out two distinct IP addresses.

Filter Example:

Filter #3: Remove All Query Parameters

Why I Like It: This filter is great for cleaning your data. If you are a site that uses query parameters you’ll quickly find that you have URL bloat that makes your URL level data very hard to work with.

It will take URLs that look like “growthaddict.com?parameter=isUgly1” and  “growthaddict.com?parameter=isUgly2″ and turn them into ” “growthaddict.com”.

This Filter should never be used on your “raw” Google Analytics profile (read about mandatory Google Analytics profiles here).

Filter Example:



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